Lützerath, 14.01.2023
Lützerath might have been a small and insignificant place in germany. it most definitely isn’t any longer. while this place and the villages around have never been insignificant for the residents - on the contrary it was their home - it has become and more so after the big demonstration on jan 14th, a place of memories for residents and activists, a battlefield and symbolic town for climate justice.
a few days have passed and i’ve been thinking a lot about what happened and what i’ve experienced. speaking for myself, i can certainly say that this day will remain unforgettable. it was a mix of tiredness, excitement, empowerment, exhaustion, solidarity, anger, happiness and rage. looking back i’m still more than amazed by the power of us the people and simultaneously shocked by the brutality of the law enforcement in a democratic state.
the two photos of the coal mine were taken by my very good friend Leo B. who was kind enough to let me use his iPhone to take the pictures cause both my camera and phone weren’t working.

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